Robert Fry Little Forest Schools

Robert Fry

Director of Finance

Robert Fry is our Nursery School Financial Director who is responsible for our nursery budgets, funding and invoices. Mr Fry is our first point of contact with any financial queries.

IMG_6650[12391] Angela Nov 2022

Mrs Angela Clift

Director of Little Forest Schools

Mrs Clift started her training by studying childcare and working in small Nursery Schools in the local area. Mrs Clift went on to gain a BA (Hons) Degree in Social Work and a Post Graduate Certificate in Childcare at Brunel University. After working 8 years in Children & Family Services, Mrs Clift started her own family and followed her dream of opening her own Nursery School.


Mrs Suzanne Walsh

Director of Operations

Mrs Suzanne Walsh is our Operations Director and Area Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and SENco. She holds a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education and Childcare and a Forest School Leader qualification. Mrs Walsh has over 25 years of experience in early years education having spent 12 years in a local primary school. Suzanne joined the Nonsuch Park Forest School team over 9 years ago starting as our Team Lead before taking on the responsibility of Nonsuch Park Forest School Manager 8 years ago.  Suzanne has an interest in Speech and Language development in young children and supports children with Special Educational Needs. Suzanne has recently implemented the Curiosity Approach, after a year of determination and hard team efforts, Nonsuch Park Forest School is now a fully accredited Curiosity Approach setting. Suzanne most recent team success of achieving the nursery school ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent Ofsted inspection.


Ms Hannah Kearsey

Nursery Manager

Hannah is our Nursery Business Manager. Hannah has worked with us at Nonsuch Park Forest School for over six years and has previously worked in Early Years teaching for a number of years prior to starting with us. Hannah is Forest School trained and has grown in developing her knowledge through learning and exploring Nonsuch Park, Hannah enjoys sharing these experiences with the children and staff team. Hannah has a Degree in Supporting Education and works closely with the children and those in need of further specialist provision and outside agencies. Hannah enjoys organising events throughout the nursery school year, these shared experiences with our children and families enable us all to come together and have lots of fun while embracing the love for the outdoor provision that we provide.

Mrs Jackie Jones

Mrs Jackie Jones

Nursery Administrator and Admissions Officer

Mrs Jacqui Jones is our nursery administrator, she is our first point of contact with all new nursery inquiries and will conducts our Nursery Tours. Jacqui is responsible for all our advance nursery school admissions and funding. Jacqui has many years of administration experience, and she is on hand to take any enquiries about your child starting Nonsuch Park Forest School.


Samantha Johnston

Assistant Nursery Educator

Sam joined Nonsuch Park Forest School only recently in September 2022 and is currently assisting with our Little Explorers group. Since having two small children of her own Sam has enjoyed exploring Nonsuch Park and is very keen to share her experiences as a mother. Sam is keen to contribute her love of nature and surroundings with all the children in the nursery school. She has previously studied counselling and is hoping to embark on a children’s counselling course in the near future.

IMG_1534[8762] Issy Pic

Isobel Tickle

Apprentice Nursery Educator

Isobel joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in September 2021 as an Apprentice Educator. Isobel has always had an interest with working with younger children from growing up with a big family. During her A-Levels she studied Health and Social care which helped to solidify her passion for childcare. Isobel enjoys being outdoors due to living by Nonsuch Park since she was little and exploring with her dogs.
Isobel is with the younger children of the Explorers group, Issy enjoys seeing our little ones grow and see their personalities develop. Isobel enjoys teaching the children to embrace the beauty of the natural environment for the children to grow within.

Carmen x 2

Carmen Nieuwoudt

Apprentice Nursery Educator

Carmen joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in December 2020 as an Apprentice Educator working towards her level 3 Early Years Educator qualification. Carmen discovered her passion for outdoor learning during the early lockdown restrictions where her, her younger sister and two dogs spent plenty of time exploring and enjoying the park. Carmen is very excited to bring that same passion to teaching in the Little Explorers group.

IMG_1544[8889] Lavinia Pic Jan 2022

Lavinia Burch

Assistant Nursery Educator

Lavinia joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in 2016 and has many years of experience working with children in both nursery and primary school settings. Lavinia loves working closely with young children and is passionate about helping them to develop in a fun, creative, engaging, and happy environment. Lavinia loves mountain hiking, cycling, and exploring the natural environment. Lavinia brings her passion of the outdoors helping children to explore their natural world around them whilst at Forest School.


Amber Edwards

Nursery Educator level 3

Amber joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in July 2022 and has recently qualified as a level 3 Early Years Educator. This is Amber’s first full time job since finishing college in June 2022. She is passionate about working with children and helping them learn, develop and thrive within both the indoor and outdoor environment. Amber has previous experience within a day nursery working with all ages and she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with the children at Nonsuch Park Forest School.


Millie Doherty

Nursery Educator level 3

Jessica Oakley

Nursery Educator level 3

Jess joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in July and has recently qualified as a level 3 Nursery Educator. Jess studied Health and Social Care at sixth form where she decided her passion was in childcare. Jess went on to study Childcare at college where she also gained her First Aid and Home Cooking Qualifications. Jess has worked previously in a day nursery as part of her placement where she gained her valuable practical experience. Jess is currently supporting our Little Explorers children. Jess’s passion is being able to teach children something new and watching their sparkle grow overtime within both the nursery school environment and the beautiful surroundings of Nonsuch Park.


Ms Denise Stagg

Deputy Manager for Explorers

Ms Denise Stagg is our Deputy Manager and is currently leading our Little Explorers group. Denise is a qualified level 3 educator, she has many years of Early Years experience and has worked with a variety of different age group. Denise is passionate about outdoor learning and enjoys helping our younger children explore and develop their love of nature.

Ms Rachel Povey

Ms Rachel Povey

Level 2 Nursery Educator

Rachel joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in June 2021 and is a qualified level 2 Childcare Educator. Rachel is supporting our Little Seekers and Little Explorers children. Rachel qualified in 2020 and she has a passion for outdoor learning particularly Forest School environments, this became evident whilst gaining experiences for her childcare qualification. Rachel is ready to embrace all aspects of Nonsuch Park Forest School outdoor learning and the amazing adventures which are explored daily.


Grace Giles Little Forest Schools Surrey

Grace Giles

Nursery Educator Level 3

Grace joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in September 2020 and has recently qualified as a level 3 Nursery Educator. Grace studied Health and Social Care at sixth form where she decided her passion was working with children. Grace has previous work experience at a day nursery where she gained her valuable practical experience. Grace is currently supporting our Rangers children. Grace is passionate about watching children grow and develop while exploring the natural outdoor environment Forest School has to offer.

IMG_1536[8760] Chris Pic

Christine Dalglish

Special Educational Needs Support Teacher

Christine Dalglish is our Special Educational Needs (SEN) support Teacher who supports children from across the nursery school. Christine has over 22 years’ experience in primary school and has supported children with Special Educational Needs on a one-to-one level from 4 to 11 years. Christine has completed her High-Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) qualification in 2006. This enabled Christine to teach whole classes from Reception to Year 6. Christine is trained in Emotional Literacy support Assistant (ELSA) and for six years provided emotional support for children and parents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Anxiety, Bereavement, Anger Management, Trauma, Change & Transition. Within her role, Christine also advised and supported the adults working with these children. Christine has years of experience in Speech and Language, Positive Touch and Autism.






Lily x 2

Lily Griffiths

Apprentice Nursery Educator

Miss Lily Griffiths is our Apprentice Nursery Educator who is currently supporting our Rangers children. Lily has previously studied Child Psychology and has work experiences with children, she is hoping to further her childcare experience to become a Child Psychologist in the future. Lily has a passion for outdoor learning and is looking forward to the many outdoor experiences Nonsuch Park Forest School has to offer.

Liubov Khonii

Nursery Educator

I joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in June 2022. After I graduated, I worked in both nursery and primary schools. I have tutored as an English language teacher. Since my 2 children attended Forest School, I have gained a valuable insight into understanding how wonderful and exciting outdoor exploring and learning is. I am so grateful to be part of such wonderful team and experiencing amazing approaches and curious adventures. I am very keen to share my experience and would like to further my Forest School knowledge and undertake the Forest Training course.

Sophie x2

Sophie Hipshon

Nursery Educator

Sophie joined Nonsuch Park Forest School in September 2022 and is assisting with our Rangers group. Sophie was previously volunteering at other forest school sessions and outdoor learning settings whilst working at a zero waste store and was inspired by the holistic approach to learning. Sophie is passionate about fostering a reciprocal relationship with nature and learning practical skills to live more sustainably. Sophie enjoys supporting children as they explore and nurture their relationship with the natural world.

Katy Overton

Nursery Educator/Teacher

After studying Computer Science at the University of Nottingham Katy decided her passion was in teaching and completed her Qualified Teacher Status. Katy then moved to London where she has worked throughout the primary setting, teaching in both the maintained and independent sector. Katy’s children have both attended Nonsuch Park Forest School and through their experiences she has seen the many benefits for outdoor learning. She is thoroughly enjoying bringing her love of teaching to the outdoor environment.

Lauren Barrett The Little Forest Schools Surrey

Lauren Barrett

Lead Nursery Educator for Rangers

Lauren Barrett is a qualified level 3 Educator who is currently supporting our Rangers children. Lauren has worked in Early Years for over 15 years, she has a real passion for outdoor learning and exploration. Lauren’s especially enjoys messy play activities and contributes to our annual Messy Play Week where the Nonsuch Park Forest School Garden is transformed into a Messy Play Paradise. Lauren continually seeks to facilitate many creative and physical activities for the children. Lauren provides endless opportunities to get messy and muddy with the children, Lauren will always return from her Forest School adventures with a muddy face.


IMG_3942[16027] EK

Ellie King

Lead Nursery Educator for Rangers

Ellie received her Level 6 Teaching Qualification in the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Roehampton in 2021 and specialises in Early Years Development and Education. Ellie is originally from San Diego, California, she has been living in the UK for 3 years and has a passion for teaching and being outdoors. She has been with the Nonsuch Park Forest School since July 2022 and enjoys the outdoor learning and exploration aspect as well as the beautiful environment Nonsuch Park has to offer!


IMG_7996 NH

Natasha Hollely

Early Years Senior Educator and Nursery School Administrator

Natasha is our Nursery Educator for our Rangers group, Natasha has worked at Nonsuch Park Forest School for over 4 years. Natasha has a BA (Hons) in Education and has gained much experience within primary school. Natasha is currently studying a Business Management Degree. Natasha has a passion for outdoor learning and loves exploring the wonders that Nonsuch Park provides. Natasha assists Robert Fry and Jacqui Jones with the day to day running of both the administration and accounts department in the Nursery School.


IMG_8085 AM

Adelina Metuku

Deputy Manager for Rangers

Adelina’s childcare journey began when she volunteered at her daughter’s school nursery, which led to undertake her Level 3 Childcare qualifications. Adelina is a passionate Early Years Educator who believes children have a right to a childhood full of nature, imagination, creativity, fun and friends. Adelina strives to empower children to make their own choices, explore their own interests and develop their ability to explore the world around them.
Adelina has over 16 years’ experience working as an Early Years Educator, the last 8 years working in Forest Schools. Adelina is excited to support the Rangers teams to deliver the best care and education for our young people.

Mrs Jane Clift

Mrs Jane Clift

Level 2 Nursery Educator

Mrs Jane Clift is our level 2 qualified nursery educator. Jane is currently supporting our Rangers children. Jane has an incredibly soft kind and caring nature and can often be seen comforting the children and sharing stories readinat sleep times. Jane is currently undertaking her Early Years studies. Jane is currently supporting our Rangers children within their daily sessions.