Little Forest Schools Partnership With Parents

It is important for parents to share information with the nursery staff about a child’s development and learning as this helps to facilitate a positive relationship. This starts at the very beginning of your child’s time with us with an ‘All about Me’and ‘All about my Child’ form outlining your child’s current capabilities and likes and dislikes. Parents are additionally asked to contribute towards a developmental tracker. We use Famly which is an online Learning Journey to record our observations, we plan for the children’s learning from their next steps which we document from the observations we perform each week and use ‘In the Moment Planning’.

We encourage parents to continue talking about work and topics we have been focusing at nursery and at home. We also ask that parents use Family to post celebrations, special events or significant achievements from home, these special moments are then shared within each learning group.

We actively encourage parents to come to nursery for the variety of events that are provided throughout the nursery calendar to help with activities. Seeing mum, dad, grandparents or carer helping at Nursery School helps your child feel a strong sense of belonging and gives you a chance to see your child in action!

Ample opportunities are provided for parents to discuss their child’s progress, either before or after each session; or by way of informal ‘breakfast mornings’ which are held each term. Parent consultations meetings are held shortly after your child’s starts in the Autumn term and again in the Summer term. We also hold other social events which are supported by our active Parent Teachers Association, PTA. We also have a notice board by both entrances to the nursery with useful information. A weekly information letter, ‘The Week Ahead’ is sent out via Famly from the Senior Leadership Team to keep everyone up to date along with some emails. So, it is important that you read Famly and check your emails to keep informed. Parents will receive, transitional, midterm and exit questionnaires, where we very much value your feedback to reflect and evaluate our Early Years Provision.

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